Dominque Paris roots her eclectic graphic design practice in collage

In the design world, it’s easy to find yourself stretched thin across a range of different directions, pinching an approach from here and a colour from there, oftentimes struggling to fuse them into a cohesive final product. Canadian graphic designer Dominique Paris has no such problem. Based in Istanbul and Prague, the eclectic designer roots her work in collage and says she puts the “interfusion of different types of elements, which are old and new, fiction and nonfiction, life and death, surreal and bizarre” at the heart of her creative practice.
Dominque has an “unquenchable passion for typography” and her type-led portfolio certainly proves it. In “striving to create disruptive design systems“, she produces bold posters, identities and collages that encompass “contrast, variety and functionality”, she says. Below the surface of her work is a genuine reverence for the “distinctive aesthetic, patterns and geometrical shapes” in mid-century design, citing Sebastião Rodrigues and Sister Corita Kent as inspirations. This comes together in a portfolio that also boasts hints of blocky Bauhaus forms, Istanbul-inspired elements and allusions to Turkish patterns. If her upcoming passion project Studio Cafeteria is anything like her previous work, then she’s good as gold!

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