Dominique Falcone’s handcrafted designs are inspired by queer punk zines and 70s disco albums

Lately, in a bid to engage more directly with tactile creation, Dominique has been converting her digital graphics into Risograph prints, embracing the beauty of imperfection and the serendipitous outcomes that arise from experimentation. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this budding talent.What we love the most is how Dominique’s creative process thrives on a fusion of mixed media and hand-crafted typography. In every design, she adeptly blends traditional print and scanning techniques with futuristic chrome touches, most of which she hand paints and digitally renders using Blender. And if that wasn’t enough, Dominique is the founder of Sugar Studio, a creative collective that centres on providing a secure haven for underrepresented groups – specifically women, non-binary individuals and the queer community – in the creative sphere.At It’s Nice That, we always love the synthesis of the music industry with graphic design. One designer who caught our eye within that sphere is Dominique Falcone, a creative director and graphic designer from New York, based between Lisbon, London, New York and Los Angeles. The young artist first embarked on her creative journey in New York, crafting cover art for both rappers and Reggaeton performers during a tenure at the Roc Nation. Taking off from there, Dominique’s work now spans music platform Vevo and Instagram, taking a myriad of inspiration from her mother’s 70s disco album covers as well as queer punk zines from the 80s and 90s.