Design for educational tool that helps blind children learn Braille-based writing

Taking advantage of 3D printing capabilities, this is achieved on an open source interface that allows you to make it available anywhere in the world and make it feasible for everyone via ready to print downloadable files. 
With 3D printing technology “tacTiles” helps to provide a more narrative and therefore more affordable base for the blind students primarily, but older blind people and those who lost their vision late can also rely on it during the learning process.  The kit actually replaces an alphabet book but it does it with tactile pictograms assigned to the letters. 

For more information make sure to check out Nora Kaszanyi on:

Nora Kaszanyi shared a really cool design project for an open source educational tool for blind children called “tacTiles”, an educational tool that is designed to help blind children learn Braille-based writing.  While children with sight have many tools available to teach the alphabet, a blind child only meets the system of points.   [embedded content]

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