Stormzy and Adidas launch #Merky FC, an initiative to increase diversity off the pitch

Adidas and Stormzy have announced their partnership on #Merky FC, a new programme creating off-pitch and leadership opportunities in football for young Black people, such as creative and operations. The programme launches today (3 November) with a film shared by Stormzy and Adidas on Instagram; it is the latest of Stormzy’s #Merky projects, which currently includes publishing imprint #Merky Books.
The partnership responds to the fact that while Black players make up 43 per cent of on-pitch presence, “only 6.7 per cent of senior roles are taken by people who identify as Black or mixed heritage”, the #Merky FC site explains. It continues: “This partnership creates a multi-year career programme, and opportunities for those who do not currently have fair access and representation within the industry.” Stormzy goes on to discuss the major collaboration in a video with Jennette Kwakye and Jaydee Dyer.
In the launch film, Stormzy states: “On the pitch, we do our thing. But off the pitch, it’s like we don’t exist. That’s all about to change. Welcome to #Merky FC. A project I’ve created with Adidas to give young Black people opportunities within the beautiful game.”

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