Resident Evil meets the runway in Alfred Pietroni’s digital fashion capsules

Beginning his studies in illustration and visual media at Camberwell College of Arts, Alfred then later finished his degree at London College of Communication. It was in his final year that he came across Zbrush, the program that really “clicked” for the designer and helped him develop his personal style. Melting together fantasy, horror, sci-fi and mystery into his fashion pieces, and working from piles of 2000AD, Vogue and White Dwarf magazines, Alfred brings his outfits together in digital runway fashion shows, “as a vehicle for thematic discourse, self expression and step into the future.” Never knew you needed a pair of thigh high nailed boots? Now you do.
Ever coveted your favourite video game character’s outfit? If so, Alfred Pietroni’s digital fashion capsules are probably right up your street. An “ode to the low-res graphics of N64 and Playstation” that he grew up with, Alfred’s designs emulate the nostalgia of a time when textures and polygons were limited, but still somehow look like an outfit plucked from the future.

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