#XoXoCadillac Lettering by Mark van Leeuwen

For more information make sure to check out Mark van Leeuwen website or follow Mark on Behance and Dribbble.


  • Client: Cadillac
  • Year: 2019
  • Award: CommArts Typography Annual 2020

I’d love to share this beautiful and funny in a way project that Mark van Leeuwen did for Cadillac. So here’s the whole idea: In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Cadillac launched a rather cheeky social media campaign, flirting with their competition. Lettering artist Mark van Leeuwen was asked to create a series of hand-lettered love letters to send to Cadillac’s biggest competitors. It was his job to illustrate these flirty lines in sophisticated and formal looking spencerian script. The love letters were published accompanied by the tagline #XoXoCadillac.

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