Using rare infrared technology, Loyle Carner’s latest video embraces alien environments

Shot entirely in one take, Nobody Knows (Ladas Road) employs infrared to mirror the themes present in the track, in particular, feelings of alienation. Visually speaking, this meant subverting how audiences typically might see the musician. “Infrared interested us as it sort of tonally turns everything on its head,” Uncanny recalls. “We liked the idea of illuminating Loyle with this invisible force that’s not concerned with conforming to our expectations of what ‘lightness’ or ‘darkness’ is. It renders skin, landscapes and especially foliage in this surreal indescribable way making the world look almost alien.”
On 13 September, Loyle Carner’s new music video Nobody Knows (Ladas Road) dropped, and we’ve been thinking about it ever since. Produced by Bullion and directed by Uncanny, the shared studio practice of photographer George Muncey and designer and art director Elliott Elder, the video is unlike much we’ve seen before, owing to its unique blend of advanced equipment and stripped-back aesthetics.

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