Rockie’s Chicken clean identity full of bright colors and fun graphics

Folklore shared a playful branding and packaging design project for Rockie’s Chicken. Every brand, from its conception, has to build a statement that goes with its identity, a manifesto of words and colors that coexist naturally. With this in mind, they developed the branding for Rockie’s Chicken, the newest place in the city to get chicken tenders, burgers and milkshakes. 

For this project, we created a character named Rockie, a friendly chicken who represents the new guy in town, who’s not afraid to stand out and make new friends. Alongside Rockie, we created a clean identity full of bright colors and fun graphics. 

branding Character chicken logo motion graphics Packaging restaurant creative design Fast food For more information make sure to check out Folklore’s website at or follow them on Behance and Instagram.

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