20 Futuristic Fonts You Need In Your Next Project

Futuristic fonts that are easy to read and convey a message can help your business stand out and attract customers.
Strikt is a futuristic font that you can combine with the Plus modification to become even more sci-fi and techno. The Plus version gives even more futuristic vibes to Strikt. In the Lightweights, the Strikt becomes more ornamental and gives the possibility to make unusual layouts.

Ceorus is a futuristic font inspired by minimalism and sleek looks. Minimalistic is this typeface’s main style, and the simple style gives it a more modern and elegant look. This font is suitable for various purposes such as movies, posters, logos, labels, web fonts and other modern purposes. Many alternative characters are included in this font, with individual lowercase styles making it look more futuristic and cool.
This is because these fonts are easy to read and can be used with your business name in many different ways. You can also include these fonts in your advertising and marketing campaigns to ensure your brand is everywhere.

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Blackpast – Futuristic Logo Font

Futuristic Fonts For Logos

It’s a good idea to have a favourite font or two to keep in mind when designing, but what’s even better is finding a genuinely innovative font.

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Space Age Fonts Futuristic

Variable modular fonts are typographic compositions that work in two dimensions: height and width. While the letters still maintain a similar width throughout the entire font, they can have different heights and alignments. In addition, you can combine the letters to create new characters.
Synthium Display is a Futuristic font inspired by Science Fiction movies from the 80s and 90s. Combining Retro features with modern, balanced proportions, the letterforms radiate a cyberpunk ambience while maintaining legibility.
The design of the CyberSynth is different because it features a sharp and rounded edge on the sides. This is the only case in its class to combine these two shapes. Powered by Creative Market

Amient – Modern Display Font

Best Futuristic Fonts Online

Nebula’s new font features a futuristic style inspired by science fiction movies and books. It features a minimalistic style, ideal for logos, posters, labels, Webfont, and many other modern purposes. The alternate characters available for this font are so you can use them.

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Breymont Sans

Breymont Sans Font Download

For a project with a specific purpose, such as a wedding invitation or a product launch, you’ll probably want to choose a typeface that reflects the project’s purpose, so it’s easy to find in a Google search. You should also be aware of how the font looks with different sizes and orientations since the visual weight of the type can make or break the overall design. Powered by Creative Market

Mars Landing

Mars Landing Futuristic Techno Font2

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Morton Futuristic Scifi Font5

If you use these futuristic fonts in your company logo, your potential customers will know they are dealing with a future-focused business. This can also make your product seem fresh and exciting, which is always a positive feature for a customer.

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Karvx is a sophisticated and powerful font technology specifically designed for the headline, editorial, branding, and typography-oriented designs. It has a broad range of characters with ligatures and fractions in OpenType and WebFont formats.
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Vastine-Sans Serif Font Family

Vastine Sans 07

Breymont is the new modern all-caps sans serif typeface that always feels right under any circumstances. The architecture combines the classic and the modern to create a strikingly modern and refined design. This font is perfect for graphic designers looking to add a touch of personality to their work. It works well for logos and branding and is ideal for websites, social media, and other applications where a unique and fun feel is desired. Powered by Creative Market

Space Gome – Futuristic Display Font

Futuristic Font Design

ʿOsirisʾ is a futuristic font with uppercase multilingual letters, numbers and punctuation. It features sharp edges and rounded corners and was inspired by the font used on the spaceships that landed on Mars. Powered by Creative Market

Astroy Galaxy Sans Serif Fonts Bold

Space Science Futuristic Font

Futuristic fonts can set the tone for a project and help establish a mood or atmosphere. The choice of typeface is crucial because it helps define the brand. 
Astroy Galaxy is a trendy font because it is one of the most downloaded fonts. It is also a sans-serif font, and it has an aesthetic value for sans-serif fonts because it has a variety of alternates.

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In the digital world, typefaces come and go. And because typeface choices matter, I decided to do some research and list some of the most futuristic typefaces out there today. Powered by Creative Market


Skylight Futuristic Font Download

Vastine is a unique typeface because it offers more than one way to express yourself. This typeface suits both upper and lower case, making it easy on the eye and pleasant to look at while also being easy to read. It’s an excellent choice for creating fantastic headings, logos, social media graphics, and more. Powered by Creative Market

Cyber Synth Font

Download Synth Font

CyberSynth is a unique combination of old and new. It’s a high x-height, low cap height case. The profile is also relatively wide and very similar to other cases in its class. Its combination of a sharp and rounded edge on the sides makes it stand out.

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20 Futuristic Fonts You Need In Your Next Project

Amient is a bold, experimental display typeface inspired by contemporary typography. It has a very eccentric and expressive character. The letterforms are eclectic but consistent at the same time. Amient is a bold choice for bold projects. It will work well on posters, covers, titles and logotypes. Powered by Creative Market

Strikt Variable

Strikt Iphone Cm2

Blackpast is a sans-serif font that will give your design a fresh and futuristic look. This font also has unique uppercase and lowercase letters that you can mix and match to make your logo more readable. It also includes unique alternates that will help your design stand out.
A futuristic font with rounded edges will make your designs look more futuristic and elegant. Space Gome font is equipped with unique characters; this font will make your designs more stunning. You can use this font for many purposes, especially to create eSport logos, NFT projects, Cover Movies etc. You can collaborate on existing letters and alternatives to make your designs fantastic. This font is also equipped with numbers, symbols and ligatures.
Futuristic fonts are the fonts that are inspired by the visual of futuristic technology. Designers have used them to create a new image for brands and to make their designs more modern and distinctive. 

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MBF Space Habitat – Scifi font

Best Scifi Fonts To Download

You’ll love the Morton Fonts’ bold, geometric shapes and appreciate their versatility for any project, from typography to graphic design. Use these letters for titles, headlines, magazine covers, or anything else that needs to catch your attention. They’re available in various styles and colours and perfect for all projects. Powered by Creative Market

Karvx Futuristic Tech Font

Karvx Futuristic Tech Font

Futuristic font designs have come a long way from when only comic book lovers would recognise the futuristic fonts used by sci-fi films and comic books. Now, even websites and business cards look futuristic, thanks to some fantastic font designs. But where can you find the best futuristic fonts? Powered by Creative Market

Osiris – Futuristic Fonts

Osiris Futuristic Font

This font type is perfect for posters, labels, packaging, books, movies, presentations, games, and other printed materials. It includes some elegant touches that will help you to look at your designs as more futuristic and dynamic. Powered by Creative Market

Nebula Font

Most Futuristic Fonts For Designers

Futuristic fonts are fonts that use lots of colours and shapes that are often seen in science fiction movies. Futuristic fonts look fantastic and are often used to create modern, futuristic designs. Many websites, companies and magazines use futuristic fonts to make their branding more attractive. It’s a type of font that can add the right amount of style and colour to a design.

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Science Fiction Space Fonts Best

You can’t believe that bold Astroy Galaxy sans serif fonts is a basic sans serif fonts. Many designers may find it helpful, and if you’re looking for an alternative sans serif font for your project, you can rely on it. Sometimes, the designers at the book printing shop look for it on Google by sans serif book fonts, whether it’s only used on the cover or as a paragraph heading; if you are a brand designer, the keyword in a Google search: “sans serif font branding.” Powered by Creative Market

Genesis Three Expanded Sci-Fi Fonts

Genesis Display Fonts Best

There are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a futuristic font. They come in a range of styles and colours.

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Synthium Display

Synthium Display Futuristic Fonts

The fonts like this are usually seen on posters, logos, and other printed materials. Futurism is a futuristic font, a font inspired by the visual of futuristic technology that you will find in movies, games, and today’s gadgets. It comes with a minimalist style and unique letterforms. 

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This font is perfect for adding a touch of cyberpunk style to any project. Designed with a modern sensibility in mind, this font features a bold style, a broad setting, and an impact that will make any corporate look as powerful as ever. It is free for personal use. Powered by Creative Market

Modernise your Brand

A logo that incorporates futuristic fonts can also increase the chance of your business being noticed.

If you want a font different from other fonts, choose the Strikt modification. This font has two main characteristics: the animation axis, which allows you to morph any glyph into a 3×3 dot array, and the weight axis, which changes the stroke width of the letter.
In today’s world, where technology is rapidly advancing, futuristic fonts are a great way of making your business look forward-thinking and innovative.
The font is a contemporary sans-serif typeface of its kind. It has proven very effective in most settings and contexts and is supported by uppercase and lowercase variants. There are four different characters in Bastion, including uppercase, lowercase, alternates, and extended characters.
The most effective fonts are bold and modern but still traditional and consistent.
Space habitat is a modern sans serif display font with many wavy and rounded corners and a sharper edge emphasising the futuristic sci-fi theme. Perfect usage includes logo, poster, display, headline, and t-shirt design.

Morton is a popular typeface for its sharp, clean shapes, and they’re ideal for science, technology, and future magazines, book covers, movie posters, YouTube covers, and YouTube thumbnails. These letters stand fully attached and have a tiny cutout in their upper left corner, giving them a great look when displayed vertically.
Modern fonts have more of an impact than any other type of branding. This is because they stand out in a crowd and make your brand pop off the shelf.
As long as the font you choose is consistent with your company’s brand and reflects its personality, your logo will have the perfect effect.


Using its OpenType features, designers can create an endless array of bespoke titles and logos. To bring the future into the present day, they designed Synthium Display to be like a toy box for designers! Crack open the OpenType panel and have a blast with synthwave-inspired goodness.
Genesis Three is a typeface family featuring three styles inspired by futuristic design. It includes uppercase, lowercase, multilingual letters, numbers, punctuation, various alternate styles and a lot of discretionary ligatures.

With the addition of a new typeface to their collection—Skylight, they added a new weight to display sans-serif fonts, making it even more versatile. The font comes in two weights, uppercase and lowercase characters, and is packed with alternates and ligatures to create great variety in your designs. The fonts come in several styles, from regular to thin to bold. They’re ideal for use in the following applications; magazine (titles and layouts), logos and branding, invitations, quotes, blog headers, posters, and advertising.

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