A conversation with Chris (Simpsons artist) about designing beer cans and friendship

Making friends with strangers can be very hard. Chris (Simpsons artist) however is a good person to talk to about this conundrum. An artist and storyteller (“from the UK in the United Kingdom”), Chris has created drawings full of lots of helpful tips in the past – like how to feel less alone in lockdown or how to make people like you more. Chris is so good at advice that Northern Monk, a brewery from Leeds, asked the artist to create illustrations for its new beer, which is called Nice Toe Meet You.
Blessed with the freedom of choosing any drawing for the beer can, the elusive artist has decided to create a label that doubles as a guide to making new friends. Though we won’t ruin Chris’ surprise trick to secure a friend, we can confirm it is a wonderful way to “show you are a caring person”, just like the can says. We were very excited to learn more about Chris’ wonderful new beer cans, so we caught up with the artist to discuss the story behind the project. Learn more about Chris’ inspirations and the storyteller’s favourite way to greet a friend below.

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