“I think a lot of the big design firms don’t take the video game design projects as much, because they don’t think of it as a serious domain, I guess,” Schmitz tells CR. “But it’s so much fun. I think it’s so cool, attempting to elevate gaming – something people think is for children.”
Schmitz’s corporate logo love can clearly be seen in the projects he’s been involved with, which include a fan-like symbol for cloud computing business Ubisoft Scalar, a flattened O icon for VR headset brand Oculus, and a very modernist ball-and-line logo for console maker Analogue.
Cory Schmitz is a big fan of corporate logos. On the bookcase behind him in his studio there’s various heavy tomes dedicated to the subject – all stuffed with the kinds of minimal, geometric symbols that designers idolise. So it’s perhaps a surprise that he’s ended up working largely in the game industry, a sector not historically celebrated for polished graphic design – although many would argue vehemently against this.