Month: July 2022

This American Red Cross PSA appeals to horror fans’ love of blood

Neve Campbell – who was in the original 1996 horror hit Scream, as well as several sequels – stars in the spot, which both celebrates and sends up the conventions of the scary movie genre.

From subtle surrealism to 60s psychedelia: Andrew McGranahan on his posters for Paul McCartney

With such lofty achievements in his oeuvre, it’s amusing to hear about the early days of Andrew’s career. “I’ve never been a particularly good illustrator,” he says. “So I started out working in collage (digital

Build your personal brand online

As your reputation grows, particularly online, crafting and maintaining a personal brand can also make you more memorable to prospective clients and collaborators. This doesn’t have to mean a fully-fledged logo – simply securing the


Netflix trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s stop motion Pinocchio reveals a darker rendition of the tale

An adventurous and wise little cricket, which speaks with the lyrical voice of Ewan Mcgregor, narrates the opening of Netflix’s new teaser trailer for its long-awaited stop motion rendition of Pinocchio. “I want to tell


4 Key Elements of Wellness Branding That Inspire Customers

Their brand values are simple: To find new customers, it’s essential to understand your product, brand, or service’s value proposition, benefits, and features to create a compelling story and effectively communicate why your customers should

Identity for Quentin Blake Centre reflects the beloved illustrator’s lively draughtsmanship

The centre still needed to look approachable, though, and cater for Quentin’s harshest critics: the kids. A vibrant palette of greens, complemented by pink, orange, yellow and blue, speaks to this element of the work.

ITV’s Britain Get Talking campaign continues with new ad about teen anxiety

“Britain Get Talking has always been about connecting, which is one of the most powerful ways we can look after our mental health,” says Susie Braun, director of social purpose, ITV. “With children and young


The 7 Stages of Small Business Growth Explained

Market expansion is increasing the demand for a product or service. For example, a company could introduce new products, marketing strategies or distribution channels to increase the demand for a product. Get better at customer

Branding, visual and web design for Fresh + Friends

Under the new Fresh + Friends brand, regional fresh food suppliers from North Rhine-Westphalia will join forces in 2019. What unites them is an extremely high standard of freshness, quality and the taste of their