MONO Multidisciplinary Architecture Studio

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This project was born from the need to reposition MONO, which is experiencing a moment of affirmation, working for large companies and Design and Architecture studios, resulting in a complete redesign of the entire visual identity.

The result is a visual identity that pursues the minimalist ideals of simplicity, clarity and timelessness, but becomes authentic, unique, vibrant and pulsating.

The radiant orange collaborates with this energetic and creative aspect of MONO, becoming a vibrant, expansive and exciting visual system, powered by the contrast with black and white.
MONO emerges from creative collaboration between people. This motivated to design a pulsating and dynamic visual identity. The logo is designed from an exclusive typography, with unexpected shapes, which, even static, transmit movement. Sérgio Fonseca shared a branding and visual identity project for MONO, an Award-winning architectural collective open to the participation of architects, designers, engineers and other professionals interested in the discussion and production of space. Led by Sérgio Vieira and Mellize Paganotti, they are committed to designing and building architectures with intellectual and rational commitment, finding innovative solutions in the simplest of ways.

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