Hato and Simon Beckerman, A Vibe Called Tech, Droga 5 and Anu Ambasna: Tickets are now available for June’s Nicer Tuesdays!

We’re so pleased to share that this coming month we have Hato & Simon Beckerman, the design practice and minds behind the new app Delli, creative agency A Vibe Called Tech, advertising company Droga 5, and illustrator Anu Ambasana taking the stage. Throughout their talks, you’ll discover what it’s like to work with The New York Times, the creative vision needed to create a food-focussed app and how to balance your illustration career with a passion for DJing. If that doesn’t make you want to spend your Tuesday evening with us, we don’t know what will.
It’s safe to say that we’re fully back in the swing of in-person events, and we couldn’t be happier about it. For our June edition of Nicer Tuesdays we’ve got four exceptional creatives ready in waiting. Join us in our usual location at London’s Oval Space to find out a bit more about the practice and approach of this month’s speakers (with some funny tangents too, we promise).
As this is an 18+ event, please bring ID with you to the venue. If you are in need of disability access, please make yourself known to a member of the Oval Space team on the evening or email hello@nicertuesdays.com so we can arrange assistance. Head below to read more about our incredible panel of speakers.

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