Intimacy, interaction and human connection: the art of conversations with Miranda July

Speaking with It’s Nice That’s resident news writer Liz Gorny, Miranda also offers insight into directing her first feature, the cult classic You Me and Everyone We Know. Jumping from making films on a low budget, to why scriptwriting is her favourite side of the process, throughout the episode we explore the numerous highs and the (sometime) lows of filmmaking. The pair also take a moment to discuss how Miranda’s background in performance art has informed her films, why dancing scenes so often remerge in her scenes, and the pertinence they hold when looking at the way society views women’s bodies.
The tricky art of switching between mediums is for many creatives a daunting prospect, but Miranda shares how important mixing up her practices is, and why she’ll so often jump straight into a writing project after wrapping up a film. And, hot off the press, we also gain a sneak peak into her upcoming novel, based on a chance phone call with a telephone solicitor.
Rounding up this week’s episode, in the Nice Note we hear from designer and typographer Leandro Assis, or colloquially Lebassis. Originally from Rio De Janeiro, Lebassis recently moved to Sao Paulo. Whilst he mainly loves to spend time in his beautiful new flat, to relax, Lebassis explores his new neighbourhoods hottest spots picking up a croissant from his favourite bakery along the way. For listeners looking to hear a longer version of the interview with Miranda, you can do so by signing up to Extra Nice, It’s Nice That’s membership programme. To find out more, head over to the Extra Nice pages of our website.
In conversation with Miranda July for the tenth episode of It’s Nice That podcast we spoke about, well, conversations. The creative, whose output spans writing, filmmaking  – and more recently some quite spectacularly avant-garde dancing videos – has a formidable and exceptionally surreal body of work behind her, much of which explores the intricacies of human interaction, intimacy and connection. Herself a master interviewer, in this week’s episode we kick off our chat with Miranda by discussing her interview with Rhianna, and how she somehow – miraculously – ended up interviewing her Uber driver on the way to meet the star.

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