This Euphoria makeup artist’s beauty line branding is everything we need: fantastical, futurist and fully rhinestoned

If you’ve been desperately missing your weekly dose of HBO’s Euphoria since the close of season two, get in line – no, really, get in line for Half Magic, a new makeup line from Euphoria’s very own makeup artist, Donni Davy. Just launched in collaboration with A24 and with the help of Manhattan-based creative studio Mythology, Half Magic’s branding and packaging have gone the way of iridescence and shimmer; positioned somewhere between real-life and a Gen Z fantasy wonderland. In short, Mythology has turned to the very makeup looks and artistry Donni summoned for the HBO show.
“We wanted to create a world for Half Magic that belonged in the same fantasy space as the makeup itself,” explains Sophie Mascatello, creative director and head of design at Mythology. According to Sophie, one of the main ways to do this was to create a “tension in the name and in the graphics between total fantasy and creation, and real life”. For example, while certain elements of the work – such as the wordmark – remain more restrained, bold maximalist details, such as luminous, airbrushed illustrations from Sara Rabin bring a sense of dreamy wonderland into the equation. The airbrushed nature of the work felt to Mythology “like an extension of Donni’s makeup itself”, and so the perfect backdrop for the brand.

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