“When all the information’s there, it’s not as fun”: artist Jasmine Monsegue on the intriguing effect of airbrush

Alongside its ability to be “super calming”, Jasmine observes the airbrush effect that they apply as “giving the desire to see more”. They add, “Sometimes, when all the information is there, it’s not as fun”. It’s this element of stylistic mystery and intrigue that shines through in Jasmine’s piece, Forreign Affair. A lily flower overlaying a face, with the eyes, nose and some hair still visible through the the petals; it’s impossible to tell the emotions or facial expression of the subject, which produces an uneasy, unpredictable sensation. The subtle glow, also offered by the airbrush effect and present throughout Jasmine work, gives it a supernatural feel, as though their paintings have come from a different planet entirely.
When discussing why their works have a surreal, uneasy edge to them, artist Jasmine Monsegue responds quite simply: “I love horror movies and freaky shit.” Having no desire to create visually superficial or run-of-the-mill art, their body of work spans from glowing babies in a graveyard, dragons playing the keyboard and a sinister looking Jack In The Box. Quite frankly, they’re not something you see everyday. And this is what makes them so brilliant. “I think my boredom inspires the bizarre, eerie feeling, because painting something conventionally beautiful would put me to sleep in the end,” Jasmine expands. But, whilst all Jasmine’s pieces seemingly come from very distinct, disparate ideas and subject matters, they’re all unified by the artist’s instantly recognisable style.

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