Tesco marks Ramadan with billboard campaign that comes to life at sunset

Agency: BBH London
Creatives: Ciara Boyle, Chloe Neal
Creative Directors: Christine Turner, Kevin Masters
ECD: Helen Rhodes
Inclusion Consultants: The Unmistakables
Photographer: Khalil Musa

BBH developed the campaign with diversity and inclusion consultancy The Unmistakables, and commissioned Khalil Musa, a photographer and a practising Muslim, as well as food consultant Dina Macki, to work on it. Part of the cast was selected from Muslim colleagues within the Race and Ethnicity Network at Tesco, who were also consulted throughout the campaign development.
Running on billboards in areas with high Muslim populations – including Brent in London and Birmingham and Bradford – the campaign will remain on the digital screens for up to three hours as the sun sets, with no other ads running. The billboards face eastwards, with the sun setting behind and the creative fading in as the sun goes down, to accentuate the break of fast coinciding with sunset.
Accompanying the changing image is the slogan ‘Together this Ramadan’ and an explanatory line: ‘in honour of everyone fasting, these plates only fill up as the sun goes down’.
Alongside the billboard campaign is a social media drive sharing recipes and inspiration, as well as in-store executions around aisles in Tesco stores stocking relevant products. The social campaign and in-store presence will build on the OOH message, offering practical and entertaining suggestions for ways to enjoy Iftar throughout the whole of Ramadan.
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The campaign is the first time that Tesco has marked Ramadan with a significant advertising push. “Our creative ambition was simple, to create work that is not only representative but also gave a voice to our Muslim creative industry,” says Helen Rhodes, ECD at BBH London.
Created by BBH London, the digital billboard features a collection of empty plates during the day, which fill up with food as the suns sets, to signify Iftar, the meal eaten by Muslims at the end of each day’s fast during Ramadan.
“Close collaboration with new creative partners, industry-leading inclusion experts at The Unmistakables, the Race and Ethnicity Network at Tesco and our friends at Mediacom and DOOH.com, underpinned by a willingness to listen and learn, made this possible, and drove the creation and development of this campaign from the get-go.”

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