Hornbach’s hilarious new ad sees neglected trees and plants take to the road

Creative Review has long admired Hornbach’s irreverent approach to DIY, as expressed in an ongoing series of spots by agency Heimat Berlin.
This sense of anarchy is in full effect in the brand’s latest campaign, which focuses on gardening, and what can happen if you forget to tend to your plants. The madcap spot centres on a set of rebellious trees and plants, who escape their dried out, neglected garden to make their own way to Hornbach.
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To continue the fun, check out some of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ films below:
With the ad running over two minutes long, and featuring the trees engaging in car races and vomiting after a trip to a diner, it’s clear that the creatives and Traktor had a lot of fun with the brief.
“We had so many ideas during the campaign development,” says Heffels of the new spot. “We could have made an entire motion picture. Or even a series.”
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Agency: Heimat Berlin
Production Company: Stink Berlin
Directors: Traktor
Music: Finger Music & Sound Design
Sound Design: David Arnold, Loft

“There’s a bit of anarchy,” Heimat founder Guido Heffels explained of the brand’s approach in a 2020 interview with CR. “A bit of giving people a good feeling whenever they create, and whatever they work on.”

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