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Agency: Stream and Tough Guy
Creative Director: Miguel Durão
Art Director: Pedro B. Maia
Production Company: Krypton Films
Director: Pedro Pinto

The workwear market is highly competitive, according to the agency’s creative director, Miguel Durão, citing the likes of Timberland, Cat and Carhartt as “well-known brands with much bigger communication budgets,” he says. “This means we have to make ‘more noise’, with less investment. Whatever we did had to, forcibly, attract attention. And that’s just as well, because that boldness, that challenger’s courage, is very much present in the brand’s DNA.”
The agency has also worked on OOH executions based on the same set of curious questions, including plastering them on the side of lorries.
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ToWorkFor has launched a new campaign by Lisbon-based agency Stream and Tough Guy called Risky Advertising for Safety Workwear, which involves a neat workaround to bringing in celebrity talent without the eyewatering costs.
The campaign shows people wearing ToWorkFor’s new collection as they unflinchingly face down risky scenarios inspired by the Hollywood stars Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Wesley Snipes. At their heart is an enjoyably silly play on words with the stars’ names, combined with situations that range drastically in levels of risk – from causing a queue of traffic to a stand-off with a felled tree – making the campaign feel all the more irreverent.
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