Raising a toast to beer-lovers and design enthusiasts alike, gestalten releases Craft Beer Design

Such has been the effect of the craft beer revolution, a phenomenon that has taken the design world by storm. Now you can ogle some of its best moments, hearing directly from the hop-mad creatives themselves. So, taking a cue from gestalten, “let’s delight in all these fantastic-looking breweries – and what better way to do it than to open a beer and dive right into their amazing designs.”
Just a few decades ago, if you’d asked the boss of a small brewery: “How would you describe your visual style?” you might have received some blank looks. You wouldn’t have expected the prompt answer: “referential, inconsistent, idiosyncratic and slightly eccentric” as TO ØL offers. Nor would you expect them to explain that their branding broaches “sensitive topics in the stories behind our beers” – a contribution from Mothership Brewery.
gestalten is well known for getting ahead of the game at spotting innovative design trends in the creative world. Their recent publications have showcased creativity from the cannabis industry all the way through to the unstoppable movement of food-styling on social media. Now, as the publishing house explains, Craft Beer Design, “finally brings a global perspective” on the design movement which is flourishing parallel to the heaps of microbreweries that we have seen “spring up like mushrooms” around the world.

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