Month: February 2022

Principles of Design — AR Posters

These posters were used at SCAD’s Anderson Hall where foundation studies of design are taught. The color palette and typography are inspired by the building’s Victorian roots. Principles of design help us to create effective

Debbie Millman and Roxane Gay on a Decade and a Half of Design Matters

One of the things I’ve noticed about Design Matters is that there’s a narrative arc to each episode. You really tell a story, or you ask the kinds of questions that will get your guest


Learn to find a personal style with February’s Nicer Tuesdays

Aurélia Durand on how her practice brings together her cultural heritage and her love for 90s cartoons Sitting in front of a wall of her stunning work, Aurélia discussed how she found her distinctive personal

Coupon Marketing Strategy: 6 Tips to Boost Sales

What will I learn? show Some fundamental principles that must always be followed revolve around empathy, integrating feedback, talking with employees and identifying your brand’s trends. Another thing that can happen is called shopping cart abandonment. It

Mono Moment — Monospace Type Design

Featured typefaces: Airport Mono, Andal  Mono, Anonymus Pro, AO Mono, Aperçu Mono, Atlas Typewriter, Base Mono, Basier Mono, Blue Mono, Calico Mono, Cindie D, Consolas, Courier, Cygnito Mono, Eureka Mono, GT Pressura Mono, IBM Plex

Superposition reveals the disturbing reach of facial recognition tech in NYC with this interactive data visualisation project

Superposition, the Netherlands-based design studio focusing on interactive experiences, has unveiled a new project with Amnesty International, visualising sobering research on invasive facial recognition technology (FRT) in New York, which shows how FRTs enable racist

Covid, Brexit and the great resignation

Image: Shutterstock Much has been written about the effects of the pandemic on so many aspects of the creative industries. While some were lucky enough to be able to pivot or remain industrious through the

Best Practices for Graphic Designers Adapting to the Workforce’s Changing Landscape

What will I learn? show Within the marketing space, graphic design can help bring a brand to life and adequately showcase a brand’s personality.  Companies capable of displaying a sense of ecological responsibility will resonate

Graphic Design Inspiration — Poster Design

For more information make sure to check out Marek on Behance. Details Marek Zielinski shared a series of posters he created as personal projects to explore graphic design, layout and composition. The designs feature a