Month: January 2022

Mariella Bilitsa uses “narrative from everyday life” as inspiration for her brightly coloured work

Whilst Mariella intends for her work to be “comical”, she also seeks to challenge and raise questions about Greek society. In one of her favourite pieces – The Man Who Washes the Clothes – she

How to become an ECD in advertising

Creative Insight The path to becoming the creative boss of an ad agency can take many forms. Here our ad correspondent Ben Kay discusses the various ways you might gain entry to the club Sounds

Retail Marketing: Key Principles and How to Attract New Customers

What will I learn? show All of these factors contribute to increased profitability. Motivated employees work towards creating an exceptional customer experience. This means that customers want to shop online and offline in physical stores.

What Designers, Educators, and Writers Want to See in 2022

Illustration by Beatrice Sala In the wake of IPCC’s AR6 report, I’m hoping that more of my peers will accept the responsibility they hold as the sharp tools that they are. The climate crisis is