Month: January 2022

How to Create Resources That Benefit Your Target Audience

What will I learn? show You must look at the benefits through the eyes of your customers. You may have the best company culture and adopt the most interesting causes of any brand out there.

12 artists illustrate a calendar recording every bad decision the government made during 2021

The brainchild of Oriel Wells, creative at KesselsKramer, Everyday Blues is a calendar made up of headlines from 2021, “tracking every time the government has lied, U-turned, made mistakes or acted corruptly”. A different artist

Exciting opportunities from Sunhouse Creative, Stereo and Anagram!

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From the glory days of soda pop culture to the periodic table: we take a look at the inspiration behind some of Marx Design’s projects

When Marx did a project for the “craft soda” company StrangeLove, the design studio’s “stand out” ethos was well-matched by the soda company’s own goals in the water industry: to “cut through the sugary sameness

What the Beatles can teach us about creative process

Under pressure to write 14 songs in two weeks, Paul McCartney strums his bass, hums and mumbles along; George Harrison yawns, looking around; and Ringo Starr looks like he’s about to nod off. The scene

Don’t be like Emily in Paris, says Duolingo campaign

The campaign launched to coincide with the season premiere, and for 48 hours from when the first new episode became available offered viewers named Emily a month of free Duolingo Plus – presumably to tap

Ewen Spencer on finding his niche – and sticking with it

Creative Insight We speak to the prolific documentarian of British subcultures about keeping his work relevant while examining youth culture through a more commercial lens We recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Ewen Spencer is

Heaven — mythical figures and surreal atmospheres in 3D

For more information make sure to check out Ozan Karakoc on: Ozan Karakoc has always been obsessed with statues, spending hours in museums losing himself while looking at every curve with great admiration and respect.

Form follows feeling: How Google is making digital experiences personal

Personalisation Offering truly custom experiences that go beyond the basics – like uploading your own wallpaper – has stumped brands and marketers for some time due to the inefficiencies that arise when trying to create