Each space is designed to offer the comfort of a hotel room, but without creating a negative impact on the environment – something Christopher Doyle & Co wanted to reflect in the Huch identity.
christopherdoyle.co; instagram.com/huch.house  The studio describes it as “a rich, nostalgic palette” chosen to evoke “traditional outdoor experiences”. Images of intrepid hikers, enamel mugs and campfires all add to the aesthetic, evoking the smell of woodsmoke and toasting marshmallows.
The studio was briefed to name and brand Huch, which will offer a collection of cabins in the Australian countryside, all intended to reconnect visitors with nature and offer “relaxed luxury in the wilderness”. The brand revolves around the Huch wordmark, which incorporates the form of a classic pitched-roof cabin inside the H – a shape that’s also used as a frame for photography.
This, paired with a sans serif typeface, and a colour palette of warm reds, sunny yellows, and foresty blues and greens creates a welcoming feeling to the branding.