dow! branding

We all have a dow! face.
So that everyone could discover it, the dow! sought a representation of what he is in his own identity: a contemporary character, attentive to what is happening around him and with a desire for novelty. An expression of the admiration we feel when faced with a surprise, a new flavor that sweeps us away or awakens in us a memory that takes us to another place. An emotional current that connects us to the past while pulling us into the moment.
Is it dow! a sui generis being or a piece of each one of us? Or even an embodiment of an idea? A visual identity that is a true journey of flavors based on a relaxed aesthetic, taking advantage of the use of urban canons and a street language.

Another Collective shared an awesome branding and visual identity for dow!. A daring traveler, whose mission in life took him across the Atlantic to bring to Braga the best of North American pastry. Irreverent scientist, avid for experiments, he uses his laboratory to test new flavors weekly, in an environment where good energy prevails.


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