“The beauty of humour is that it breaks our expectations of certain circumstances”: Lily Kong brings the funny to illustration

Lily went on to discuss her recent project I am fine where she records stories of loneliness, illustrates them on postcards, and sends them out. A project designed to connect people during lockdown (an incredibly lonely time for some) Lily showed first-hand how she stepped out of her comfort zone to turn something confusing into a fulfilling kind of creative expression. Featuring pet hamsters that have passed on and a story of how someone doesn’t get their friends’ arty lingo, tune into this highly enjoyable creative talk today for more insight.
“I really enjoy making fun of myself and things around me,” opened Lily Kong at November’s Nicer Tuesdays. Setting us up for laughs, “awwww” moments and much more, we tucked into 15 minutes of chuckles with the light-hearted illustrator. Lily is known for capturing the joyful and happy moments of daily life and transforming them into delightful artworks. In her talk, she took us through how she transforms upsetting or stressful situations into artworks with a more positive meaning. “The beauty of humour is that it breaks our expectations of certain circumstances – it relieves the pain, the loneliness, the stress,” she said.

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