Giphy unveils the most-watched gifs and clips of the year

In the Top Partner Channels of 2021 category, The Office, which premiered nearly 17 years ago, has been deemed as Giphy’s most popular of the year, with late-night comedy show SNL being a close contender. Meanwhile, in Top Artist Channels of 2021, Ai and Aiko by Peter Draw is the most-viewed artist channel, with various other content contributions from Muffin and Nuts, Nora Fikse, Britt Does Design, Katharine Now, Jinzahn, Ruppert Tellac, Studio Neuhaus and more. Meanwhile, Drew Barrymore’s cake jiggle is at the top of its Clips list, followed by yet another gif from The Office, Happy Pride by GLAAD and the soothing animation Kiss kiss by Jason Clarke.
To summarise the gifs of the year, there has been a noticeable spike in views for all-things TV-related. Taking the lead as the most-seen gif of 2021 is Bored Stanley from The Office, where the show’s much-loved character sits cross-armed and unamused; a universal snippet for the masses – hence why it has garnered the top spot. Next, there’s Tired Tom from HBO Max, while Pikachu, clips from Bake Off, Peppa Pig and Baby Yoda all make appearances too, bringing utmost joy and relatability to all its users and viewers.
As the end of 2021 draws closer, what better time to reflect on all the gifs we’ve seen over the past 12 months? Returning again with yet another insightful review, Giphy has unveiled its annual summary of the most-viewed gifs and clips, presented in a jam-packed list filled with pop culture, emotional reactions and TV shows of the year (Bridgerton being just one example).
Head to Giphy’s Medium post to see the full line-up, and a few of our favourites can be viewed below.
This time around, Giphy has also included its new format, Giphy Clips, which has been used “to incorporate sound into short-form content,” writes Giphy on the announcing blog post. “We love seeing how people communicate with gifs and the life it brings to everyday conversations, but were hard-pressed to find video equivalent that is as shareable as gifs. So we created our own!”

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