Month: October 2021

Phaidon catalogues a continuum of African Artists from 1882 to today

The academic Okeke-Agulu is a professor of African and African Diaspora Art at Princeton University; he pens an introductory essay that hopes to elucidate the history of how modern and contemporary African art has been

Megaforce creates gravity-defying new ad for Burberry

Creative Inspiration Credits:Agency/Production: Riff Raff FilmsCreative/Direction: MegaforceChoreography: (La) HordeEditor: Joe GuestEdit House: Final Cut LondonPost: Moving Picture Company Burberry’s latest ad sees the brand reunited with directing team Megaforce and choreographers (La) Horde, who previously

Compact Black, a New Typeface Redrawn from Soviet-Era Visual Artifacts

Courtesy KTF. In his 1936 essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” cultural critic Walter Benjamin spoke of aura—the authenticity of a single original object. With this project, Anfalov sought to

Design studio Little Troop talks us through the entire process of its latest project for a new puzzle company

The projects Little Troop takes on also say a lot about its design philosophies. Taking a good mix of big and small projects, Little Troop enjoys working for big clients such as Apple, Google, and

Inside the French Dispatch

Structured around the geo­graphy of a print publication, the film is set in the wryly named fictional French city of Ennui-sur-Blasé, a place primed for ­observations such as, “Ennui rises suddenly on a Monday morning”.

The endlessly charming Prashanti Aswani tells us how she built her illustrative career

“Many of my ideas now revolve around themes of identity, immigration, race and the female body,” Prashanti tells us. “Being the only Brown kid in a predominantly white school for many years while I grew

Herbert Bayer’s World Geo-Graphic Atlas Anticipated the Age of Infographics

World Geo-Graphic Atlas. Reproduced courtesy of David Rumsey Historical Map Collection. Bayer wanted the atlas to be a new type of narrative that allowed the viewer to interpret geographic information visually—and to create visualizations of

Advertising the menopause

Together with Dr Clare Spencer, the pair launched the online platform and clinic earlier this year, after being inspired by Normoyle’s own experience of going through the menopause. “I found it really hard to get

Graphic Poster Series by Berkay Taş

Links We have been getting a good response of the poster series we share on abdz., you guys seem to enjoy it. Let’s keep the momentum and kick it off with another poster series! Berkay