creates a “silly little film” with Belong Communications to make Channel 4’s new hybrid work environment less daunting, alongside Belong Comms, was tasked by the broadcaster with the brief of making this as welcoming as possible. This was following Channel 4’s 50/50 manifesto, which makes it possible for staff to choose whether they want to go back to the office or stay at home if they need to.
These days, some of us work from home and some of us have returned to working in the office. Post-pandemic, many people are enjoying the flexibility that some of our jobs now allow us, but a return to the office can be intimidating after a year and a half of remote or at-home working. Channel 4 was keen to keep its employees comfortable enough during this transitional period, whilst ringing in a new age of hybrid working.
“Visually,” says Ryan Brotherston, animator and designer, “we really wanted the film to feel a bit home-made and not too polished,” an effect that is accentuated by the simple and effective sound design of Travis Hefferen. Brotherston’s team strove for a simplicity of design that also included enough appeal to engage the audience for the duration. “As the film was aimed at the Channel 4 workforce,” he says, “we felt that the featured characters would be key to driving the film forwards and connecting with the audience. As such, they had to be dynamic and energetic, as well as realistic and relatable. And of course just a bit silly!”

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