Director Bassam Tariq on changing perceptions

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Tariq started out working in advertising in the mid-noughties, as a copywriter at agencies including BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi, before becoming a writer and ­filmmaker. He ­emphasises that entry into the ad industry can be challenging for people of colour, citing – in the US at least – its low pay and lack of health insurance as major barriers. “You don’t have the privilege of thinking, ‘OK, cool, for the first five or six years I’m going to work my dick off’,” he says. “You don’t have that because you have to send money back to your parents. Particularly when you’re a working class person of colour, an immigrant – you gotta send money home, so you can’t just worry about yourself.”
As the director of FIFA’s recent Midnight Ramadan League ad, as well as feature films Mogul Mowgli, Ghosts of Sugar Land and These Birds Walk, Bassam Tariq is changing how Muslims and people of colour are depicted on screen, creating a stark counterpoint to the “caricaturised” figures that popular culture has often relied on in the past.

Top and Above: Stills from FIFA Midnight Ramadan League ad by agency adam&eveDDB. Images courtesy Pulse Films

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