A cheeky rebrand for a female-led production company aims to keep playfulness in mind

Carrying this motif through, a vibrant red was used minimalistically to “dial up the sense of passion” and, the team says, to emphasise the “O” from the logotype as a pair of lips. The colour palette overall was kept “simple and intentional”. Of the typeface, the team chose Druk and GT Zirkon, “creating a powerful duo that captures attention without distracting from the stunning photography”. The studio believes that GT Zirkon is functional and so injects the perfect balance of personality and refinement – while they used Druk for project titles where “it frames the image while really holding its own”.
“Snog” is a slang term for a kiss in the UK, so for its rebrand of the production company of the same name, design studio A Line created a logotype that symbolises a cheeky or passionate “snog”. The San Francisco and London-based studio used animation when creating the logo in order to represent the character of the business, whilst clarifying what the term means for its US audience. Deborah Burch, founder of Snog, claims that their clients feel “the new brand really showcases the work we do for them”. A Line, a brand strategy consultancy and design studio, says it was tasked with creating a brand that showcased its work for the likes of Vogue, Givenchy and Marvel, while capturing “the passion and meticulous detail that goes into every project”.
Not only reimagining the typeface and logo, A Line went in for a website redesign wherein they wanted to “showcase the depth and breadth of the work while keeping it simple and impactful”. The final result was dynamic scroll features alongside stacked images and videos, which they hope feels “playful and exploratory”. They also added graphic elements such as an oversized X to exit out of a project and “unique rollover states”.

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