Linn Fritz illustrates the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2021

Fritz’s animations, which usually display pleasant scenes of movement such as watering plants, cycling, and walking dogs, would seem to be the ideal fit for a campaign which seeks to remind us of the simple joy within the act of reading a new book or the comfort of picking up your trusty old favourite for a re-read. “As always”, she mentions, “I like to capture the moments of life through the beauty of the everyday, using colour, shape, line and playfulness.”
Colours are given liberty to take centre stage whilst disproportionate characters gleam with joy surrounded by their favourite books in Linn Fritz’s latest commission. Animations bounce around the boards, leaflets and flyers of the Scottish capital in anticipation of the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s launch, aiming to instil a sense of joy around reading.
Fritz, the Swedish and East London-based illustrator of Pocko agency, is the co-founder of Panimation, a community of women, trans and non-binary individuals aiming to support one another within the animation industry. Fritz was invited by EIBF to illustrate the festival’s 2021 campaign, working with the Scottish agency Tangent Graphic, after last year’s was postponed due to the pandemic.

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