Locals are soon wrapped up in a giant, city-wide foam party as they forget their troubles, and allow themselves to be engulfed in the fluffy suds.
Soap suds engulf the city in the film – created by Uncommon and directed by Jonathan Alric – which offers a hedonistic portrayal of washing up
Creative Studio: Uncommon
Director: Jonathan Alric from The Blaze
Prod Company: Iconoclast
DOP: Paul Özgür
Editor: Adriana Legay at Stitch
Sound & Music: Soundtree
Sound Design & Mix: Henning Knoepfel
Post Production: Framestore
While the ad isn’t explicitly a depiction of life post-lockdown, there are some definite hints in that direction. Uncommon has also gestured towards the cleaning brand’s green philosophy – which includes a bio diesel delivery programme and bottles made using recycled plastic – with its tale of a foam party rescuing New York from a looming heatwave.
[embedded content] The film is beautifully shot, and features some truly bizarre scenes – including the moment the doors of a supermarket roll back to admit a huge wave of bubbles. A Jarvis Cocker soundtrack helps amp it all up a bit more.
It might all a bit bonkers, but it’s certainly a marked difference from what you’d expect in an advert for cleaning products. Washing up is still going to be one of the more tedious house chores, but you have to credit Method and Uncommon for at least making the advertising part fun.