100 Days of Gratitude celebrates the things creatives are thankful for

As well as an illustrator who’s created work for Women’s Health, Buzzfeed and WeTransfer, Green hosts the On Design podcast, which features interviews with figures from across the world of design. For 100 Days of Gratitude, she asked a hundred creatives what they were grateful for and has been illustrating a different answer each day.
Green says she’s “touched” that so many creatives have entrusted her to illustrate “people, ideas, feelings and situations that are close to their hearts”. She’ll be continuing to share a new gratitude each day until 21 September which is, fittingly, World Gratitude Day.
Green began the project on the 12 June, and has amassed quite the collection of submissions so far, with people offering thanks for everything from espresso pots, squirrels and blackbird song to optimism, kindness, and their pets.

Top image: Adam Nathaniel Furman is grateful for his grandma; above: Charlotte Glebocki chose her whippet
Riding, chosen by Andrew Diprose
Artists, chosen by Grant Pierrus
Brogan Cox gave thanks for her coffee ritual

“The project was born from the idea that even in the toughest life situations there’s always something to be grateful for,” writes Green of the series.

Roddy Clarke chose freedom of expression
Holly Fraser is grateful for her local squirrels
Claire Cheung is thankful for the London Fields Lido
Marice Cumber is grateful for her ceramics

She’s been drip feeding the work out through her Instagram page and website, sharing ‘gratitudes’ from people including designer Adam Nathaniel Furman, magazine editor Michelle Ogundehin, and designer and entrepreneur Nicolas Roope.

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