LGBTQIA+ employees at Buck release a zine spotlighting 26 queer people of colour

Alongside the illustrations, quotes and writings from each icon can be found, wherever it was possible to find them. These are presented in each person’s mother tongue (with English translations) to ensure the zine is populated with their real voices. There is also a focus on flowers throughout, as well as in the zine’s name, inspired by the expression: “Give us our flowers while we are living.” It refers to the importance of love and support towards Black trans folk at all times, not just during a tragedy or in death.
The Riso-printed zine has been made in collaboration with 45 LGBTQIA+ people and allies, and spotlights 26 figures of note from the community, ranging from 6th-Century pre-Islamic poets through to modern-day activists. Staying true to its title, these figures hail from every continent, from countries including Chile, South Africa, the USA and India, and each story is told by someone from the culture represented.
One contributing artist, Fabriozo Lenci, illustrates anti-apartheid, gay rights and AIDS activist Simon Nkoli, writing on Buck’s website that his depiction of the South African “incorporates many symbols of his fight for equality”. His struggle against apartheid led to him being arrested and jailed but when he was released, he was received with joy and flowers. “There’s an iconic portrait of him wearing a beautiful flower necklace and raising his fist from this time,” Lenci adds.
Give Us Our Flowers: A Global Archive of Queer POC Rebels is a new publication created by a group of LGBTQIA+ employees at Buck, in an effort to continue the narrative of Pride and raise awareness of queer people of colour whose stories deserve to be told.

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