Month: June 2021

Xavia Chen’s charming animated music video for Amber Kuo’s latest track

“The music video is inspired by the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. I titled my song after it as well. The story of the song inevitably became a fairytale, presented in illustrations, and expressing

Simplicity as a framework for flexibility: TRiC rebrands Australia’s Human Rights Law Centre

Considering the studio’s experience, TRiC opted to stick to its usual area of expertise when developing this attitude into a visual language. “Rather than comparing our clients’ to their competitors or their predictable industry positioning,

Push the boundaries of interactive entertainment

Although there are plenty of opportunities here for creative agencies with the ambition to move into long-form branded programming, the primary target for the Creative Tech Format Fund at this stage is independent production companies.

30 Aesthetic Brush Stroke Fonts for Designers

Download Font Download Font Time Breaker Typeface Download Font Imperfect Brush Font Download Font Nomadlines Brush Stroke Script Font Download Font Briella Download Font Start Today Script Download Font Purple Grande Brush Font Download Font