Jeremy Deller, Ken Nwadiogdu, Sarah Lucas and more release protest posters in an emergency fundraiser for Myanmar

Including a number of world leading artists, each print in the series is a protest poster raising funds “for the victims of the violent military coup that continues to plague the country since February 2021,” explains the release. Including works by Jeremy Deller, Tacita Dean, Guerrilla Girls, Sean Scully and Sarah Lucas, each poster is £50 to purchase.
The funds raised will support Mutual Aid Myanmar, a collection of activists, academics and policymakers working to support democracy, and is listed in the collective platform Support Myanmar Fund. Money raised will be put towards “the relief of medical staff, striking government workers and civilians who continue to protest on the streets despite life-threatening conditions,” states Migrate Art. “The Support Myanmar Fund is one of a handful of trusted local and global emergency fundraisers that have been set up to support Burmese protestors, the families of those who have been killed and civilians who have been forcibly moved from their homes.”
You can learn more about the exhibition taking place in London here, or alternatively purchase a poster directly here.
Migrate Art has announced a print sale as part of Raising for Myanmar. Previously a three day exhibition in London, those unable to visit can support the cause by purchasing an artwork as part of a limited edition poster series in an emergency fundraiser appeal for the rapidly deteriorating situation in Myanmar.
Simon Butler, founder of Migrate Art, adds: “The idea to focus on this medium in particular relates to the key role posters have played in the Burmese resistance. Raising for Myanmar comes from the genuine urge to support people whose entire lives have been uprooted, and who are facing situations of extreme violence. It has been incredibly uplifting to see such a positive and quick response from all the artists involved.”
Raising for Myanmar has already raised over £15,000 for the cause. The exhibition of works will take place this weekend (4 June until 6 June) as part of London Gallery Weekend. Aside from the posters available to purchase, which are available until 27 June, several other artists, from Michael Craig Martin to Richard Mosse and Chila Kumari Burman, have donated work to the cause. This also includes two Burmese artists, Bart Was Not Here and Richie Htet, based in Yangon and part of the city’s artistic community.

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