Month: May 2021

Tony Barry on why advertising should move people

Creative Insight Tony Barry, who’s worked at various ad agencies, including a stint as creative director at Wieden + Kennedy, has seen firsthand the difficulties of making believable ads. “The thing with advertising is that

Jess Ebsworth wants her trippy illustrations to “transport you to somewhere new and exciting”

After graduating from Manchester School of Art in 2015 with a degree in illustration, Jess Ebsworth returned to her home of East London to pursue a career in the medium. She realised early on that


Dot Dot Dot Is the Most Influential Design Magazine You’ve Never Heard Of

All twenty issues of Dot Dot Dot. Courtesy Peter Bil’ak. Yet as the writing got more ambitious, both in form and content, including longer personal essays, epistles, and experimental structures, the design itself became more

Stonewall’s new identity embraces a more activist future

JKR – who worked on the project with purpose consultancy Revolt – has replaced Stonewall’s previous wordmark and star motif, creating a logo that uses the double L of the organisation’s name as an equals

The World Map of the Internet in 2021

See High-res of the map HERE Inspired by design of historical maps , it is documenting the largest and most popular websites (over the period of 2020-2021) along with their countless aspects and features. (See

“It’s hard for me to separate serious topics from my sense of humour”: Mario Meneses on his comical animations

“Some people say that my characters look like me and I don’t like it because I once heard Hayao Miyazaki say ‘If you can’t draw well, your characters will always look like you’ – though

Good Reads: Munchies is a book about eating and being eaten

With every culture having cultivated their own ways to eat, humanity has developed a complex relationship with food over the years. This topic is explored in depth in a new publication, Munchies, which is all

Jupiter Rising residency and festival literally gives a stage to marginalised groups in art and music

SW: Hire us, and by us I mean working class, queer Black and Brown folk and women. Give us the opportunity to reach and connect with our own communities. The opportunity to not only create


There Is No Such Thing As Neutral Graphic Design

Writers and thinkers can use the tools of graphic design to study and change social relationships. Excerpt from Extra Bold: A Feminist, Inclusive, Anti-racist, Nonbinary Field Guide for Graphic Designers, now available from Princeton Architectural