Month: April 2021

Formula E looks to inspire change in epic new ad

Filmed entirely in-camera, the cinematic spot is captured from the perspective of a Formula E car looking at spectators lining city-centre streets around the world. [embedded content] To mark its first season as an official

Enterprise Website Development: Design & Marketing

What will I learn? show Also, compress the bigger files with Gzip to decrease the size of rich content. Here, take out unnecessary actions, whitespaces, codes, or formatting that takes more page space and increase

“Design For and From Communities”—Bahia Shehab on A History of Arab Graphic Design

“Love and Compassion” illustration by Burhan Karkutli, 1971. What’s next? Are you considering writing a second edition?  The artist behind that work, Khudair al-Bursa ‘idi, is amazing, you have to meet him and visit his

The pros and cons of making merch

Creative Insight Leta Sobierajski, David Shrigley and Morag Myerscough weigh in on the ups and downs of making merchandise and products – from the joy of designing tangible objects to the challenges of getting it

Best Budget Monitors for Photo Editing

Share 0 Navigate on the list The ASUS TUF VG32VQ1B has a large 31.5-inch screen with WQHD 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. The curvature design of this monitor makes it unique while giving the user

How to Create Viral Instagram Posts

What will I learn? show There’s no doubt that you’ll have to drive a lot of different things in your favour to get “Instagram famous” – but what if we spilled all the secrets? Don’t

Super Dan origin: a swipeable graphic novel for the Instagram age.

The graphic novel format was reshaped into a continuous and swipeable Instagram carousel. To add dynamism, the visuals don’t follow a traditional grid and instead bleed across different frames. Small text call-outs, close-ups and action

Anaïs Boileau tells us about her “visually strong, colourful and graphic” pictorial photographic practice

This body of work is concerned with “architecture and different forms of spaces that break the classical architectural pattern”. The idea, Anaïs elaborates, is that buildings can lead to reverie to the point of utopia.

Collins Modern Classics gives some much-loved books a new look

Creative Inspiration Drawing on her love of typography, Jackson began playing around with designs that used huge lettering and decorative fonts, paired together with graphic images or photos. The real breakthrough for the design came