Dive into the scroll hole with April’s Double Click!

Dirk Laucke and Johanna Siebein: studio-laucke-siebein.com

Upon opening Studio Laucke Siebein’s site, you are greeted with three flashing triangles that read Scroll Down! Straightforward, to say the least. Once you follow the imperative sign, the magic starts to happen. If you expect that your scroll will neatly show you the studio’s projects with the page crawling upwards, you’re in for a surprise. Here, the site’s background, innocent at first, starts zooming towards you. As the image gets bigger, a transition effect comes into play.
“We find it difficult to come up with tips in this wide field. But basically, what goes for all creative processes applies”
Dirk and Johanna’s top tips:
Dirk Laucke and Johanna Siebein, the duo behind the studio, initially set up their portfolio site in a more commonplace way. At one point, however, they asked themselves if that approach would be interesting for future clients. Would they really read text about the problem and solutions of others, problems and questions that are different every time? “We think that this approach does not fit. At the same time we had the feeling that we couldn’t get rid of what we actually wanted to tell,” the pair says. In the end, they went for this unique approach to a portfolio site.
The studio notes that the randomness between the foreground and background that they introduced in the interaction to be a favourite feature of the site. “Due to the different movement patterns and perspectives of the foreground and background, there are fantastic and always surprising effects. The thing simply remains exciting,” the pair says. “At the same time, the random principle always creates new combinations of our works. Even works that have nothing to do with each other suddenly get a relationship with each other, strengthen each other or tell new stories.”

  1. “Don’t always follow the established standards, but look for new ways.”
  2. “Communication and interaction are not only about the error-free transmission of information.”
  3. “Communication is also a sensual process. The audience should be tickled, have fun, be surprised.”
  4. “Avoid the same. Look for the distinctive.”

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