How to Become a Creative Person: 10 Amazing Steps

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Creative Ideas And Thinking Process
Try starting with one of the six techniques I’ve described.
The word ‘orange’ is the orange-coloured walls of the house, the word ‘water’ is the pond in front of the house.
That doesn’t mean you can’t relax and watch TV. But if you are serious about being creative, you need to understand that you need to sacrifice some time every day and put some resources into it. 
Remind yourself why this is important, and if you genuinely believe in it, you will gladly make the time, even if it means sacrificing other things.
The key is to get started. Take the time to immerse yourself in the topic to understand what your creativity should be all about and start taking action.
Look at how creative children are, experimenting and discovering a new world on the go. Creativity is effortless if you allow yourself to be direct, inquisitive, and open-minded like a child. 
Creativity is the process of creating something new. You can do anything creatively, but not everything can be called creativity. 
There is room for everyone in the creative world, and if we believe in each other, the world will be a more prosperous place. 
All people are born with one ability or another, but they don’t continually develop it. 
Inspiration by itself does not come often. With the help of various techniques and methods, creativity becomes a habit. 
Here are ten steps that help you to improve your creative thinking:
Don’t expect this to happen overnight. This living, breathing world has a story to tell and become part of it; you gradually need to immerse yourself in it. 

How to think creatively?

Treat yourself with understanding and patience and let the failures happen while learning and finishing what you started. Each new project will turn out better than the previous ones.

Especially if you’re a student, check problem solution speech topics. It will help you to save some time choosing what topic you’re interested in. 
If you have made a decision, you will have to sacrifice time. We all have the same number of hours in a day, and it’s up to us how we use it. 
Without it, no masterpiece can be born. It may not be born, but a person’s life will change, and for the better. 

  • Lack of an inspiring vision of the world.
  • Lack of passion, interest, excitement
  • Lack of ability to enjoy simple things
  • ‘Inner critic’.
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of knowledge of creative thinking methods

If you take the time to think hard about this, it will give you incredible insight into your unique capabilities.

  • New means of expressing ideas. For example, a person who types on a computer can start writing on paper.
  • Communicating with creative people.
  • Keeping a journal.
  • New places and people can be a source of inspiration.
  • Spending some time alone in nature.
  • Imagining the world as any other person sees it.
  • Meeting several people who think alike and exchanging experiences, ideas.
  • Reading books.
  • Spending a date with myself.
  • Observing, looking at beautiful things.
  • Spend about fifteen minutes a day talking without using pronouns.
  • Do ten random exciting actions.

Know that there will be successes as well as disappointments on your road. 

Step 1: Make a Decision to Believe

The best thing about research is that it gives you ideas. It’s like a bottomless spring from which you draw ideas and opportunities.
Don’t make the same mistake. Take time to plan your actions. Break the path into stages and set deadlines for each. 
Make sure you don’t get into a fierce competition but build friendly and productive relationships with the people around you. 
If you are convinced that the status quo is more reliable than a leap into the unknown, you will never make that leap.
Where Good Ideas Come From Design Thinking Books
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But that’s not all. Your decision is first and foremost about what you believe. If deep down you still believe that you’re better off at your routine job in a boring office, you’ll never be creative. 

  • As a creative person, I have something I can give to the world.
  • People will appreciate my creations.
  • I’m a creative person, and I can be that way.
  • I want to make a contribution that can make the world a better place.

Step 2: Make time in your schedule

So ask yourself: ‘What am I truly convinced about my creativity?’ Be honest with yourself. Decide to destroy the lies and believe the truth:

First, you have to write down on a sheet of paper any ten nouns. For example, orange, sky, water. These are the ten obligatory conditions set by the customer. 
To be a creative person, you have to believe in your creativity, that is, your ability to find unusual ideas, to look at things from a different perspective.
You have specific areas that you are good at. You have learned something and have some natural talents. 
There is an opinion that creative abilities are given only to people’ gifted from birth’. Fortunately, this is not true. 
So you’re almost ready to start your journey. But how do you go on a long journey without a map and itinerary? Unfortunately, many people do, and they fail.
Get to know the people who motivate you (if that’s not possible in person, then subscribe to their blogs). Find mentors whose work you’ll follow. Find newbies like you so you can support each other.
How to Become a Creative Person: 10 Amazing Steps
Several ways to increase creative energy:
So what do you believe in? We believe in things we often don’t even realise. 

  1. To live a happy, fulfilling life.
  2. To leave something behind.
  3. To change the world around you.

So why do most people think they are incapable of creativity? Because the adult more often loses the essential qualities that helped them be resourceful and direct them in childhood.

Step 3: What am I interested in?

Finally, the third question is What the world around you needs? 
When talking about creativity, it’s strange to talk about something as rational as making a decision. But this step is significant.
Associations: To the first thing you see, pick the five adjectives that match it best. Then find five adjectives that are the least appropriate for that object. 
Creativity is a habit that you can develop with constant practice. 
Think back to what you excelled at as a child, ask friends, colleagues, and loved ones what qualities or skills they admire about you. It will give you lots of ideas.

Step 4: What am I good at?

Look back on your life and analyse what you have always been good at? How can you use your knowledge, skills, and life experiences to advance your creations?
Don’t forget your decision. 
This means you need to learn the rules of this world, to understand what has value, what works, and what doesn’t.
If you think that something is bothering you, do not hesitate to ask for help. 

Step 5: What can I do for this world?

Whatever you decide to do, you have to realise that there is a whole world behind it that existed before entering it. 
What would you be willing to do even if you didn’t get paid for it? What have you always dreamed of doing in your quiet moments?
It’s a lifelong journey to become an actively creative person, but it’s only the beginning. Don’t get upset if you don’t live up to your expectations. 

Step 6: Do your research

For example, creating a standard chair is not creative. It’s a different situation with a chair with a unique back. Other people will appreciate it more than a standard one. 

Enjoy the process! Discover a new and magical world full of unique personalities, exciting challenges, inspiring ideas, and unusual rules. 
Now you’ve entered this new world and see your way as a creative person; you need to find ‘your tribe,’ a community of like-minded people, whether online or offline.
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To get creative, you need to decide to do it now. Not putting it off until ‘someday.’ Stop looking for reasons and excuses. Decide to get out of the squirrel wheel and start creating.

Step 7: Dig deeper into your field

If you could live any life and you didn’t have to work to make money-what would you do? 

The road itself is just as important as the final destination, and this is not the only time you will create something.
There is a monstrous amount of noise in today’s world. But something is always missing, whether it’s something global or highly specialised in a particular area. 
So, we cannot teach creative thinking, but you can develop into a creative person. 
We used to understand creativity as creating something – a picture, a story, a song. But creativity can also be understood in another way: as a human condition. 
Read books on the topic, subscribe to blogs and newsletters, and join themed communities to get an idea of what you need to do and what direction to take.

Step 8: Find ‘your tribe’

The time is now. You are fully prepared and can begin to create. This step is where your decision to believe comes in handy. 
Now that you’ve determined precisely what you’d like to create, you need to do your research. 
You are your boss, and it’s time to do things your way. 
The conventional wisdom is that to be a creative person is to be weird, eccentric, unusual. The truth is that creativity allows us not to care what other people think.
For example, chocolate is tasty and milky. Next comes the creative option – mystery chocolate, spring chocolate, icy chocolate.

Step 9: Make a plan and set a deadline

Take control of your time. 
To begin with, we must stop labelling people, as a creative person or not. Every person has their inner world, their exciting thoughts, and character traits. 
Any field, be it writing, drawing, business, psychology, crafts, gardening, parenting, teaching, is a vast ecosystem of principles, rules, people, and ideas that have existed, changed, evolved, and are still in flux. 

Step 10: Start and finish at all costs

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Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the finished creation of your hands in front of you, knowing that you have overcome external obstacles and inner demons.

This is why you could prevent your creative potential from opening up:
If you believe you have nothing to give to this world or no one will appreciate your creations, you will never finish your project to share it with others. 
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Think about it and write down all the ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem. 
Architect: For this exercise, the main thing is not drawing and painting, but the ability to imagine.

Exercises that help you to improve as a creative person:

Even if you set them yourself, having deadlines is critical to completing what you’ve started. Take your creative work seriously and commit to sticking to the plan.
Allow yourself to believe in them. Allow them to turn into something that can eventually become real.
So if you say, ‘I don’t have time’, that’s not true. You have time; you just prefer to spend it on something else. It’s your choice, even if it’s unconscious.
By changing your attitude toward other people, you can see new sides of familiar things.
Most importantly, commit to finishing if you have started. 
Now it’s time to find out precisely what you’re going to do in the time you’ve allotted. You should ask yourself three questions in this step, and the first one is What interests me?
Synthesis: Take any two words from the first book you see and try to connect them. Instead of words, you can try to combine two different objects mentally. This is how animal clothing was invented.
Now combine it all: your interest, your knowledge, and your emptiness. Where these components intersect is your creative place.
Remind yourself why you made this decision:
Your tribe will also keep you motivated and nourish the belief that your dreams are achievable.
Don’t let others, whether your bosses, friends, social media, or television, dictate their terms and steal your time. 

How To Become A Creative Person

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