“An unapologetically Muslim commercial”: The winner of Channel 4’s £1 million Diversity in Advertising Award launches today

Hamza Choudhury, a midfielder for Leicester City and EA Sports Fifa ambassador, says of the campaign in a statement: “Growing up, football was always my first love. From playing with my friends in the street after school, to heading to the pitch ad the weekends, it was always my dream to become a football player. I’m proud of my Asian heritage and without it, I wouldn’t be the person or footballer that I am today.”
Channel 4’s annual £1 million Diversity in Advertising Award focuses on a different area of diversity each year, encouraging the advertising industry to increasingly embrace creative campaigns. Now in its fifth year, the new ad is also part of EA Sports’ Inspire The Next Generation campaign, which aims to shine a light on the British Asians in football and break the cycle which has previously held the community back.
Channel 4’s £1 million Diversity in Advertising Award launches today. The new campaign, made in collaboration with Fifa 21 TV and advertising agency adam&eveDDB, addresses the lack of British Asian professional footballers. Shining a light on grassroots football team, the Midnight Ramadan League, the new ad also features Premier League star Hamza Choudhury. Directed by Bassam Tariq of Pulse Films, the TV ad champions how the game is changing with new role models representing minority communities, and how this will have a huge impact on future generations.
The one minute ad tells the story of protagonist Qaiser, a British Asian teenager who is also a role model to his younger sister, Aaminah. After breaking fast, the viewer sees him leaving home to play with grassroots team Midnight Ramadan League. As Qaiser finds himself tackled to the ground, he realises Hamza Choudhury is there, who lifts him up, takes the ball and scores a goal. As Qaiser arrives home later that night, he takes a ball excitedly to the back garden with Aaminah.

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