Alternative film poster project Double Bill Posters

In their first year (November 2018–December 2019) they picked one film each week that they would watch together and each design an individual poster for. To get the creative juices flowing within set boundaries, they came up with this set of rules: they could spend only one hour on concept and execution, use only type and/or illustration, and use no more than three colours.
Double Bill Posters is now in its third year. In 2021 they are focussing on notable directors, doing their very best to select a diverse group of well-known icons and new talent from across the globe. Every fortnight they create two posters for one director: two ‘double bills’ every month. It is their aim to create mini series of posters that reflect each director’s style, either by using the same design elements (fonts, colours, composition, …) and/or by using the same medium to create the design (illustrations, drawings, stills, …). Double Bill Posters is a self-initiated project by Belgian graphic design couple Sarah Schrauwen & Mathieu Vancamp. They started this collaboration in November 2018 as a way to combine their mutual interests (graphic design and film) away from client briefs and as an exercise in quick thinking and doing. It was also a great way for them to start to work together as a couple. You can follow Double Bill Posters on Instagram or Tumblr. In their second year (2020), they created two posters every month for two different films in the same genre. One of the films was recent, the other was old(er). To get a good global range, they picked an American/Hollywood film and a foreign film every month. This time around, they designed the posters together or edited each other’s designs. The set of rules became less strict and they added more information to the posters. They also had two guest artists who each made a poster: Pieter Boels and Geert Verbist.

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