Low and No Alcohol Drinks are Serving Up Some of the Best Label Design Right Now

Coming from Finland, Kåska is a low ABV spirit whose bottle is designed to convey a friendly, easy-going vibe. Kåska’s founders, Eetu Topo and Fred Karlsson worked with the designers at Helsinki’s Kallan & Co to create a bottle that felt modern but approachable, with clean sans serif type overlaid on a Boston Round pharmacy bottle. “We liked the round corners and playful shapes because they help in communicating that less serious vibe we were looking for,” Topo explains. The back label features an illustration from Toni Elg printed on the glue side, which creates a woozy backdrop for the clear liquid. The drawing is reminiscent of the overtly pleasant, gangly armed cartoons found in so much modern branding, but it becomes unexpectedly abstracted when it interacts with the liquid inside the bottle. “It creates the feel of a moving, living crowd when you turn the bottle around and see those faces through the liquid from different angles,” Topo says. “And when you look at it directly from the front, it fills the whole bottle with dancing pastel colors.”

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