More Friendly Graphic Design APP | Drawtify Update Report

In this update, unlimited layers of control panels have been added. It can be used to view layers, hide layers, lock layers, and adjust the stacking order of graphics. It will be more beneficial to improve the convenience of Drawtify Designer Online.
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Drawtify Designer Online completed its first full update on October 31, 2020. It is more friendly, easier to use, and becomes a full-featured graphic design APP that is suitable for everyone.

1. Page properties control panel.

  • Including size, unit, direction, reference line, and printing bleed, background setting, import editable SVG file.
More friendly online graphic design APP
Page properties control panel.

2. Text attribute control panel.

  • Style settings: fill color, border color, transparency, node filter, and blending mode.
  • Position settings: coordinates, width, height, angle, and horizontal flip, vertical flip.
  • Text settings: font selection, font size, spacing, line height, alignment, underline, case conversion, numbering, text box. And convert text to path, stroke path, split path, reverse path, edit path or add 3D effect. Of course, you can also open the text path, select the path preset, edit the path, and start offsetting. Or add text to the path and include the text in the path.
More friendly online graphic design software.
Text attribute control panel 1
Make design easier! It is understood that this update is mainly for the operation interface, and improved the design of the toolbar and the property control panel. In addition, adding unlimited layers will bring greater convenience to the design work.
Text attribute control panel 2

3. Shape attribute control panel.

  • Like the text property control panel, it also contains style settings and position settings.
  • Shape settings: shape value adjustment, conversion to Path, editing Path, adding 3D effects and path presets, editing Path, starting offset.
For design objects, you can call the corresponding property control panel, including page, text, shape, and image settings. It can be briefly described as follows:
Shape attribute control panel.

4. Image property control panel

  • Like the shape property control panel, it also contains style settings and position settings.
  • Image settings: picture filter, adjust mask size, edit mask path, Path add to image.
Of course, saving, previewing, downloading, animation output, printing, and user name will continue to be retained.

After the update, the toolbar of Drawtify Designer Online will include text input, smart shape, pen tool, pencil tool, picture import, and design plug-in toolbox. As well as grouping, locking, deleting, hierarchical setting, alignment setting, and Boolean operation that are more conducive to operation. It even includes an animation editor (motion graphics editor) and animation playback.

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