The Juniata Shipwreck in Inganess Bay, Orkney

The wreck of the Juniata, Orkney, Scotland.(Image: Ian Balcombe. Wreck of the Juniata, Orkney Islands)

The waters of northern Scotland’s Orkney Islands are littered with shipwrecks. One landmark hulk, clearly visible from Kirkwall Airport, is the wreck of the Juniata, which was reportedly launched as the Sprucol at Sunderland in 1918 and acquired her new name two years later. There’s also been some confusion surrounding the identity of the Inganess Bay wreck, as photographer Ian Balcombe points out:

Originally launched in Sunderland in 1918 as the Sprucol, then renamed Juniata in 1920. Some people are still confused about the identity of the wreck. This is partly caused by the huge concentration of shipwrecks in the area. In this case, a second wreck, the Loch Maddy lies further out and in deeper water. This second wreck was carrying either Oregon Pine or Greenheart, a type of wood, some of which was salvaged in the 1960s and used in a local bar, The Bothy.

Juniata shipwreck in Inganess Bay, near Kirkwall Airport, on Mainland Orkney.(Image: Oliver Dixon)

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