Silent Amphitheatre in Dovinė River Park, Lithuania

The silent amphitheatre in Dovinė River Park, Lithuania.(Image: Vilensija. Silent amphitheatre in Dovinė River Park, Lithuania)

In the woodland of Dovinė River Park in Lithania’s Marijampolė Municipality, this neglected open-air theatre makes for a surprisingly pleasant scene amid the trees and foliage. Unkempt grass has consumed the ground between the amphitheatre’s simple wooden benches, and the scene is blanketed by a layer of autumn leaves. The stage itself boasts a liberal coating of graffiti. Or perhaps it’s a scenic hangover from the last performance held here. It may not be as grand as the ruined amphitheatres of Ancient Rome (which we’ve explored previously). Abandoned or simply closed for the winter, it makes for an interesting landmark in the park.

Animal statue in Dovinė River Park, Marijampolė Municipality, Lithuania.(Image: Vilensija)

Marijampolė is one of 60 municipalities that make up Lithuania. Its territory spans the town of Marijampolė itself, and six surrounding communities. Other attractions in Dovinė River Park include the statue above.

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