Floral Design Transforms NYC Garbage Cans into Beautiful Bouquets

(Images: via inhabitat)

Empty bins may not be a fact of daily life in Edinburgh, but across the pond in New York City, they’re positively blooming. Lewis Miller and his team of floral designers have transformed empty garbage cans into oversized bouquets, pairing exotic flowers with pale blooms that spill out onto the sidewalk around them.

Rather than repelling pedestrians, the trash planters are actually drawing them closer, as passers-by lean in to smell the roses rather than the rancid odour normally associated with rubbish bins.

Lewis Miller explained: “we are storytellers through the art of floral design, transforming an arrangement into a love song and an event into an indelible experience.”

The “vases” have popped up on street corners throughout New York City. Among the arrangements/installations are roses, sunflowers, flowering azaleas and an assortment of greenery.

WebUrbanist writes: “The temporary installations may not be a permanent solution for bad-smelling trash in a city well known for its street-side waste, but at least they offer a colorful (if passing) reprieve from the normal contents of these containers.”

Check out more of Lewis’ work on Instagram. If you’re a fan of guerrilla gardening, you may also enjoy these inspirational examples of urban interventionism.