The Tornado F3 Mockup Used for Fire Training (RAF Leeming)

The caption pretty much sums it up! Back in the days when RAF Leeming was an active Tornado F3 station, the fire section used this mockup as a training aid. In the old days, fire dump hulks were usually the remains of real aircraft that had been retired from flying duties and condemned to the burn pit for use by RAF firefighters. Some withdrawn airframes can still be found (often for crash rescue training rather than burning), as we’ve seen at places like Manston and Predannack, but full scale replicas like this one are now the norm. We’ve scoured RAF Leeming on Google Earth for signs of this Tornado F3 mockup, but so far haven’t found it. If you know its whereabouts, please leave us a comment. Now that the RAF’s Panavia Tornado interceptor fleet has now been disposed of, there may not be as much need for this rig.